Paypal kapandı ebay den nasıl alışveriş yapabiliriz.

Paypal kapandı ebay den nasıl alışveriş yapabiliriz.

bildiğiniz gibi 6 haziran 2016 paypalın ipini sayın bddk çekti ve Türkiyedeki tüm faaliyetlerine son verdi.

ve hali ile satıcı ve alıcı olan tüm yurt dışı ve yurt içi paypal ödemesi destekleyen teknolojilerde kapanmış oldu. yanı yüzlerce  binlerce sitede Türkiye için kapandı.

paypal sitede alternatif bir ödeme kanalı ise sorun yok ama sadece paypal ile ödeme alan sitelerde sorun ciddi sıkıntılı . eliniz kolunuz bağlı en büyük e ticaret sitesi olan ebay de bundan nasibini alan en büyük site çünkü ebay de paypaldan başka bir ödeme türü yok zaten bildiğiniz gibi ebay ile paypal aynı firma 🙂

bugün paypala bir ürün araştırması için girdim ve sonu. aşağıdaki resimdeki gibi fazla yoruma gerek yok . Türkiye ilerlemeye devam ediyor 🙂

paypaldaki resmi açıklama aşağıdaki gibidir.

Benim bu konu ile diğer bir yazımda çözümü anlatıyorum :

Türkiye dışında Paypal  hesabı nasıl açılır  okumak için tıklayınız.



Important Turkey PayPal service information

Important Turkey PayPal service information

Due to the suspension of PayPal operations in Turkey, eBay customers cannot send or receive funds using Turkish PayPal accounts any more (since Monday, 6 June 2016). This does not impact PayPal accounts registered outside of Turkey. We appreciate this may cause you inconvenience and we’re working on solutions. We’ll be in touch with more updates.


I’m a buyer

Please use alternative payment methods to make your purchase.

I’d like to purchase an item and pay with PayPal, what should I do?

Please look for items that offer payment methods other than PayPal for the time being. We are currently working on a permanent solution. Please note that non-Turkish PayPal accounts are not impacted, so you should be able to complete purchases with these accounts as normal.

I have PayPal registered in Turkey and I’d like to purchase an item on eBay, what should I do?

Consider the following options:

  • Some sellers accept direct credit cards payment, bank transfers and other payment methods. Please see the postage and payment information section, or ask the seller for alternative payment options.

  • Consider visiting other eBay such as,,,,, where sellers may have other payment methods. Online in-browser translators may help you to navigate these sites.

I’m stuck in the check-out process. What should I do?

You can check with the seller whether they accept alternative payment methods. If not, please ask the seller to cancel the transaction.

Can I still open an eBay case, or receive refunds on current cases?

Yes, you are still covered by the eBay Guarantee within the applicable time frames. You will be able to open cases and receive a refund if we can see that the seller is at fault. In a few particular scenarios, where we are unable to refund your PayPal account, our Customer Service team will provide you with specific guidance on receiving your refund.

Can I still return an item that I bought previously?

You can still open a return request for any items within the applicable time frames. Sellers will be able to respond to your requests as usual on eBay and process refunds as required.

I’d like to participate in an auction and make a bid. Is this still possible?

Although the bid functionality is available, you’ll not be able to pay with a PayPal account registered in Turkey if you win the auction. That’s why we recommend checking the item description or asking the seller if they accept alternatives to PayPal if you win the auction. If the auction is PayPal only, we recommend that you do not make any bids to avoid the possibility of the transaction being cancelled.

Commit to buy still works; can I use this instead of making immediate payment?

Although you can commit to buy an item, you’ll not be able to pay for it with a PayPal account registered in Turkey. We strongly recommend not committing to buy.

Although I committed to buy an item or won the auction, I can’t pay. What should I do?

First, contact the seller and ask them to cancel the transaction based on the reasons previously stated. You can also contact our customer service team and they can help you cancel the transaction.


Tip: Please be aware that we also have GittiGidiyor, the leading marketplace in Turkey for domestic sales.

I’m a seller

How do I know if I’m impacted?

  • Sellers who use a PayPal account registered in Turkey for sending or receiving funds are impacted.

  • Sellers with PayPal accounts registered outside of Turkey are not impacted and don’t need to take any action.

What action do I need to take?

If you are impacted, please remove PayPal from your accepted payment methods, if you haven’t done so already.

  • For current listings, please update the payment preferences and remove PayPal using your listing tool.

  • For future listings, you can automatically apply your payment preferences in My Account > Account > Site Preferences > Payment Preferences.

Please also change the automatic payment method as you’ll no longer be able to pay your eBay fees with PayPal. You can do this at My eBay > Account > Change automatic payment method.

You should ensure that any other payment options for listings and billing are also updated.

Note: We are required to remove all listings that are not compliant.

What alternative solution will eBay provide for me?

We are exploring alternative solutions and will be in touch with further updates as soon as we have them. Your business is important to us – our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

What should I do if my listings were ended/removed?

Listings that are not compliant will be ended. You will be able to relist ended listings once you have updated your associated payment methods (see further guidance above).

Why is PayPal suspending operations in Turkey?

PayPal’s application for a Turkish payments licence has been denied by the local financial regulator, which is why PayPal is taking this step.

Can I still transfer money from my Turkish PayPal account into my bank account?


Can I still accept returns and issue refunds to buyers?

You can still go ahead and accept a return as usual and process a refund either from your eBay or PayPal account.

Can I still issue refunds to buyers for an eBay Money Back Guarantee case?

You can still refund buyers for Item not received or Not as described cases. Buyers and sellers can still ask us to step in and help on a case as usual.

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