Asus ZenUI klavye keyboard, kullanım ipucu


Unleash the master typist in you with these super easy tips! Improve your typing speed using these tips on your ZenUI Keyboard.

Tip# 1: Enable more languages.
Switch between languages and emojis, by enabling them on your ZenUI Keyboard. To do this, launch Keyboard settings > Input languages then select the languages you want to use under Active input methods.


Tip #2: Press and hold to switch keyboards.
Once you’ve input other keyboards, switch between them by pressing and holding on the language settings key, then select your desired keyboard, like Emoji.


Tip #3: Swipe the space bar to switch from English to another language.
If you’ve chosen another language, aside from English, you can quickly switch to it by swiping on the space bar. Swipe left or right to toggle your options.


Tip #4: Double tap the space key to auto-insert a period and a space.
Want to type another sentence? Save those extra keystrokes by double-tapping on the space bar. This automatically puts a period to end your sentence, and adds a space thereafter.


Tip #5: Type text by speaking.
If you can’t or don’t want to type down messages, just tap the mic icon and start talking to create voice messages. Words appear as you talk so you can see how accurate your message is.


Tip #6: Access the numpad with one touch.
Input numbers conveniently, such as mobile phone or bank details, using the number keypad. Just tap the numbers icon to switch to this mode.


Tip #7: Go easy on your eyes by changing your keyboard theme.
Do you want it bright or a bit dim? Tap the theme icon to switch to a different ZenUI keyboard theme that feels more comfortable for you to use.


Tip #8: Double tap the shift key to lock the all-caps mode.
Double tap the shift key to lock it in all-caps mode. You can exit this mode by tapping again on the shift key.


Tip #9: Instantly hide the keyboard for a full screen view.
If you’re done typing, or want to view the full screen of your message, just tap the keyboard icon to close the keyboard.


Tip #10: Trace to type words in a flash.
Want to speed up typing? Launch Keyboard settings > Enable trace input to automatically form words by tracing keys.


Using these tips, you’ll definitely master your ZenUI keyboard and type quicker than ever before. Get the latest version of ASUS Keyboard from Google Play.
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