SAP BSP set get all post fields. call method m_runtime->server->request->get_form_fields


SAP Fiori






* uses ****************************************************************

class cl_bsp_utility definition load.
* data ****************************************************************

data: l_fields type tihttpnvp,
l_field type ihttpnvp,
l_name_len type i,
l_name_len2 type i.
* code ****************************************************************

check not name is initial.
translate name to lower case. “#EC *
l_name_len = strlen( name ).

if value is supplied.
call method cl_bsp_utility=>serialize_data
exporting name = name
data = value
changing fields = m_parameters.
call method m_runtime->server->request->get_form_fields
changing fields = l_fields.
loop at l_fields into l_field.

translate l_field-name to lower case. “#EC SYNTCHAR
l_name_len2 = strlen( l_field-name ).
if l_name_len2 = l_name_len and l_field-name = name.
append l_field to m_parameters.
elseif l_name_len2 > l_name_len
and l_field-name(l_name_len) = name
and ( l_field-name+l_name_len(1) = ‘.’
or l_field-name+l_name_len(1) = ‘-‘
or l_field-name+l_name_len(1) = ‘[‘ ).
append l_field to m_parameters.






CL_BSP_NAVIGATION SAP Class – Business Server Pages (BSP) Navigation

CL_BSP_NAVIGATION is a standard SAP class available within R/3 SAP systems depending on your version and release level. Below is the standard documentation available for this class interface. You can view this information and more if you enter the class name CL_BSP_NAVIGATION into the relevant SAP transaction such as SE24 or SE80.

Within the comments section below there is also an opportunity for you to add useful hints, tips and information specific to this SAP object. This means that you and other users will be able to find these details quickly by simply searching on the object name CL_BSP_NAVIGATION or its description.

Class Attributes

Class attributes can be referenced using the following syntax CL_BSP_NAVIGATION=><attribute name>. Although depending on where you are inserting the ABAP code you do need to check if the attribute is public or private.
CO_NAV_COMPLETED – Ready, Returns Response
CO_NAV_GOTO_PAGE – Goto page
CO_NAV_NEXT_PAGE – Navigate to Next Page
CO_NAV_UNDEFINED – No Navigation Call
M_ABSOLUTE_URL – Uses absolute URL
M_AUTO_SUBMIT_FORM – Uses auto submit form
M_ENCODE_PARAMETERS – Codes parameters
M_LAST_NAV – See co_nav_*
M_PARAMETERS – Navigation parameter
M_RAISING_EXCEPTION – 1. Sets navigation exception from
M_TARGET_FRAME – Current return target frame
M_URL – Current return URL

Class Methods

Class methods are similar to function modules in that they are a coding block that performs certain ABAP functionality. Methods can be referenced using the following syntax: CALL METHOD CL_BSP_NAVIGATION EXPORTING/IMPORTING…
ADD_SID_TO_URL – Adds Session ID to URL
CONSTRUCTOR – Constructor
CONSTRUCT_AUTO_SUBMIT_FORM – Constructs the Redirect Page from the Current Settings
CONSTRUCT_URL – Constructs the Redirect URL from the Current Settings
DECODE_PARAMETERS – Decodes the current parameter from the URL
ENCODE_PARAMETERS – Codes the current parameter in the URL
FIND_PAGE – Returns the name of the next page at navigation pass
MAKE_ABSOLUTE_URL – Creates an abolute URL from a relative URL
RAISE_EXCEPTION – Sets the navigation raising behavior
RESET – Reset the Object

Class Events

Events are created within your class using special event handler methods. These must be registered at runtime for the event and can then be triggered using the ABAP syntax: RAISE EVENT <evnet name> EXPOTING…

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