MIUI V5 3.8.30. Android Özel – Custom ROM


MIUI V5 3.8.30. çıktı yeni özellikler aşağıdaki gibidir.

[youtube LbfJ7o-j8dA]


Versiyon yayınlama formu sitesi :


Xğeria Arc S modelleri için



CHANGELOG 3.8.30 yeni özellikler ve hata düzeltmeleri

Update Highlights
1. Added the option of “Limit mobile data usage” in Browser
2. Added support for transfer of complete contact info (including contact photo) and notes (including images attached) in Transfer

Fix – In some cases, starting apps through the notification bar might lead to wrong page

Fix – Incoming call from contacts using deleted ringtones might be mute

[Lock screen, status bar, notification bar]
Optimization – Wrong password input time will not be calculated in account unlock interface
Optimization – In some cases, lock screen wallpaper does not show
Fix – After restarting the phone, “Do not disturb” status bar icon disappears

New – Updated facebook icon for 1080P devices
Optimization – Improved default desktop layout
Fix – Picture mix filter alpha error
Fix – Restoring wrong backup caused launcher start failure

Fix – Back button in the upper left corner of online music disappears
Fix – After turning on / off “Display lyrics” setting, lyrics do not refresh

Fix – FC caused OTA upgrade from some old MIUI versions to the latest version

Fix – In “Notifications” settings, current ringtone name is shown
Fix – Setting notification ringtones does not take effect

New Added the option of “Limit mobile data usage”

Fix – Calls from numbers in the blacklist are not blocked in some cases

Fix – Long time display error

New – Added support for the transfer of notes (including images attached)
New – Added support for transfer of complete contact info (including contact photo)
Fix – Several bug fixes

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