MIUI V5 3.8.23. Android Özel – Custom ROM


MIUI V5 3.8.23. çıktı yeni özellikler aşağıdaki gibidir.

[youtube NqTKb3fyCQs]


Versiyon yayınlama formu sitesi :


Xğeria Arc S modelleri için




  • Optimisation – Improved the fluency of “toggles” functionality
  • Optimisation – No pop-up window for incoming messages when using “Do not disturb” mode
  • Optimisation – Adjusted the background color of prompt text
  • Fix – Cannot scroll to the bottom of Wi-Fi details page
  • Fix – Display error in some third-party applications using Android stock themes
  • Fix – “Facebook Live Chat’ causes some apps to fail to load
  • Fix – In “Do not disturb” mode, physical Home button does not respond


  • Optimisation – Text message prompt background adjustment
  • Fix – Occasional FC errors when viewing contact list

[Lock screen , status bar and notification bar]

  • New – Optimised notification bar hardware startup, smoother to pull down
  • Fix – In some cases, clicking the notification bar does not unfold the notification shade
  • Fix – “Wi-Fi only” was added in “Auto sync” toggle options


  • Optimisation – Improved the settings page for timed messages
  • Optimisation – RTSP video can be played directly from a text message
  • Fix – Saved extension number cannot be added as a recipient
  • Fix – No prompt after successfully copying text messages
  • Fix – While replying to a message, deleting the MMS theme causes the cursor to disappear
  • Fix – If there is no SIM card in the phone, slideshow mode will appear when reading MMS
  • Fix – Deleting draft leads to failures in some cases
  • Fix – Message deleting operation on the phone does not sync to MiCloud
  • Fix – In some cases, saved contacts do not show the contact name


  • Optimisation – Improved animation fluency of opening folders
  • Optimisation – Improved the operating permissions in Guard mode
  • Optimisation – Improved dialog box loading style
  • Fix – In some cases, newly installed app icon position is not correct
  • Fix – After modifying desktop layout in settings and then returning to the desktop via the Home key, the layout does not take effect
  • Fix – In editing mode of MiSpace, long press on widget (only with the title, no icon) causes the system desktop to stop running
  • Fix – FC caused by weather and clock widgets failing to find files
  • Fix – When there is only one unremovable app in the folder, the app disappears after failing to be removed


  • Fix – Status bar icon error in incremental updates
  • Fix – Update status display error in some cases


  • New- Images being viewed always rotate under gravity, no matter the “rotation” toggle is on or off
  • Fix – FC casued by viewing images in MMS

[File Explorer]

  • Fix – After renaming the folder, the list refresh is delayed


  • Fix – Some books cannot be added to shelf in read mode


  • Fix – Updated feature presentation

[Xiaomi Account]

  • Fix – In contact synchronisation settings page, pressing on desktop button may cause FC issues
  • Fix – In some cases, activating the account may lead to FC issues
  • Fix – Turning off “Find phone” feature in boot guide does not take effect
  • Fix – “Favorites” settings in MiCloud does not sync with the phone


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