Grub2 Matrix Theme Install – Grub2 tema kurulumu


Terminalden aşağıdaki komutu çalıştırım matrix klasoru masaustünde olacak

sudo /home/burhan/Desktop/matrix/

# Matrix Theme for GRUB 2
# Designed for 1366×768 resolution.
# Created by xalaros.
Before proceeding, make sure your GRUB version is at least 1.98, by running ‘grub-install -v’ in a terminal.
To install the theme simply run the ‘’ script with root priviledges.
If you want to mess arround with the code, edit the ‘themes/Matrix/theme.txt’ file located under the installation directory, which should be either /grub, /boot/grub or /boot/grub2, depending on the distribution.
For example, to use one of the smaller fonts supplied, change the line:
item_font = “Matrix Bold 24”
item_font = “Matrix Regular 16”
item_font = “Matrix Bold 18”

For more information about Grub2 themes, you can refer to the guide found here:

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