Asus Pclink pc suite kurulumu

How to install ASUS PC Link ?

* ASUS PC Link supports Windows Vista and above for Windows OS, while not support Windows XP, Mac or Linux.

【First Time ASUS PC Link Setup on Your Mobile Device】

1. Launch ASUS  PC Link and a dialog will shows up if “USB debugging” is not enabled. Select [OK]

2. Check “USB debugging” option

3. Select [OK]

4. Read the introduction and press [Done] .


5. Connect your mobile device and your pc with a USB cable. Check “Always allow from this computer” .

6. Start ASUS PC Link application and keep it in the foreground.

【Install ASUS PC Link on Your PC】

1. You can download ASUS PC Link from the link below.
2. Execute the downloaded installation file “PCLinkSetup.exe” and select the language.


3. Click “Next”.


4. Please read the “License Agreement”. You must accept the terms of this agreement before continuing with the installation.


5. Select the components then click “Next”.


6. Click “Install”.


7. Start the installation.


8. Click “Finish”.


9.  The shortcut of  ASUS PC Link Windows application will be created after you finish the installation.

10. Before your launch ASUS PC Link Windows application, make sure you have finished

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