SAP BSP – ABAP runtime class . Get application name

CL_BSP_RUNTIME – Business Server Pages (BSP) Runtime

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In Business Server Pages (BSPs) you can access attributes and methods

of this class via the runtime object.


The following is a list of the most important attributes.

  • runtime->application_namespace
This call returns the namespace.
  • runtime->application_name
This call returns the name of the BSP application.
  • runtime->application_url
This call provides the URL of the BSP application.
  • runtime->keep_context:
This calls retains the context, 0 for stateless mode, 1 for stateful mode.
  • runtime->page_name.
This call supplies the name of the BSP.
  • runtime->page_url.
This call supplies the URL of the BSP.
  • runtime->runtime_url
This call supplies the URL of the BSP runtime.
  • runtime->session_id
This call supplies the session ID.

Further information

You can find the documentation in the SAP Help Portal ( under SAP NetWeaver → SAP Web Application Server. In the SAP Library, for SAP Web Application Server 6.40, for example, choose path: SAP NetWeaver Components → Application Platform (SAP Web Application Server → ABAP Technology → UI Technology → Web UI Technology → Business Server Pages → Programming Model → Classes and Interfaces → Interface IF_BSP_RUNTIME and in the documentation about the interface for this class.

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