Openui5 development cloud-bulut editor platformları

Openui5 development cloud-bulut editor platformları

Playground OpenUI5 Greenfield (Mobile) Is OpenUI5 officially supported?


JSBin GreenField YES. Thanks to DJ Adams it is.

Just hit “Add Library” on the left side of the menu bar and choose “OpenUI5 latest (Mobile BlueCrystal)”



JSFiddle GreenField

JSFiddle Master Detail Sample

YES. Thanks to all of you guys, OpenUI5 was added recently! Here’s how to add OpenUI5 properly as pointed out by Andreas Kunz.

Advise: Use the greenfield code sample to get a greenfield project.



Plunker GreenField

Plunker MVC GreenField

Kind of, I added the current version (1.24.5) to the packages. You can find it in the packages browser by clicking on “Find and add external libraries” on the right menu bar. Nevertheless, you’d need to add the data attributes to the script tag – which is unfortunate.

Solution: Just use the greenfield code sample.

Update: Denise Nepraunig (@denisenepraunig) published a nice greenfield MVC code example using separate files. Thanks very much Denise!



CodePen Greenfield No. Only way is to modify the HTML settings (the gear-wheel icon on the left of the HTML pane). You need to set the script tag yourself to being able to set the data attributes that are required.

Status: Created a support ticket to get OpenUI officially supported.

Solution: Just use the greenfield code sample.

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