MIUI V5 3.9.13 Android Özel – Custom ROM


MIUI V5 3.9.13  çıktı yeni özellikler aşağıdaki gibidir.


Versiyon yayınlama formu sitesi :


Xğeria Arc S modelleri için



CHANGELOG 3.9.13  yeni özellikler ve hata düzeltmeleri


Xiaomi devices:

  • Install via OTA or Updater app

Other OFFICIAL devices:

  • Install via OTA or Download and flash Multilang
  • Install Gapps
  • Gapps 4.1.x HERE
  • Gapps 4.2.x : HERE (UPDATED) – Only for MIUI v5 Android 4.2.x..

Other UNOFFICIAL devices and PORTS:

  • Download and flash our current English Only ROM
  • then flash the chosen language pack on top of it. (DO NOT WIPE)
  • Install Gapps
  • Gapps 4.1.x HERE
  • Gapps 4.2.x : HERE (UPDATED) – Only for MIUI v5 Android 4.2.x..


  • Follow XML changes in ENGLISH v5 repo here
  • Our translation guide is here

Give kudos to your translators. This is a huge group effort and continues to grow bigger.

Languages included:

Will be included:


  • All credits to @Roeano for T9 dialer mod – any issue or request report here
  • Xiaomi M1/S will not get Multilang v5 because of small /system partition.
  • Translators – you can now translate Simple clock widget clock here
  • Changelog (3.9.13) + See CHANGELOG for your language…
  • Extra icon pack was removed from Xiaomi devices for make some more free space on partition /system.. You can download them now as mtz theme and install like any other icon theme DOWNLOAD
  • Xiaomi changed rules for OTA and we cant use our servers anymore.. So we have to use only Xiaomi servers which are really slow.. sorry for that…

Downloads: Done..



Phone Board Link MD5
Unknown Device P188F07 http://tinyw.in/w2w7 b73f89c48058f42ff7ff9ab70f132648
Samsung Galaxy S4 jfltexx http://tinyw.in/48KP 8cb8f99d86bb37252cf5d553d24003e4
Galaxy Note GT-N7000 http://tinyw.in/I4Kx f0ca73df9e9cdc030f6ca702ad15d15b
Newman N2 C8690 http://tinyw.in/mHXf e09ee74122efb663389692870f5c218d
ZTE V987 P188F04 http://tinyw.in/nfyJ 0008da6d30db6d2ee6217540d90f029e
HTC Desire Z vision http://tinyw.in/bKEz 18355e937f0119a7c34bf8a453667872
Motorola RAZR XT910 umts_spyder http://tinyw.in/pWaU bd72d6c42bb3c3c4f2082d31486efc8d
Unknown Device u8818 http://tinyw.in/Y6ax 6b63be777d66e58622e1dc5dc696bd39
HTC Evo 3D shooteru http://tinyw.in/PJPu cbe7e08771b95021d59651181d748bb0
HTC Desire S saga http://tinyw.in/xEfC f1caf52bd8e8645a4de036ad2ad31a37
HTC Sensation pyramid http://tinyw.in/PCJ9 53cf82fbd03e347604cace70f477d2e3
LG Optimus 2X p990 http://tinyw.in/CwcD fbc69aaeee0a155dbe0355c73f04faa8
LG Optimus Black p970 http://tinyw.in/Mskr 96c2767c2933f83990235f13604d8750
LG Optimus 4X p880 http://tinyw.in/sHb9 103488020989a8b042e4641a6c222d4c
Sony Xperia S nozomi http://tinyw.in/BhEZ 151d3169e3e0c7c80a9767ff35e85b48
LG Nexus 4 mako http://tinyw.in/77T8 587760083170376834df1c975013069f
HTC Touch HD2 leo http://tinyw.in/YqCO a6b0cba717894c3c9fae3f1021a589d8
Honor 2 hwu9508 http://tinyw.in/F1jE a1d60a3704008487b44729b0cca801ba
Sony Xperia Neo V haida http://tinyw.in/2MAT 04fac4a6acdf82a5bb47ebd143fe860b
Samsung Nexus S crespo http://tinyw.in/5CAn 35feb56e79b3c009ed53b19dd5a62b2f
Sony Xperia Arc S anzu http://tinyw.in/xpJj 64cc9a57d821a0c371f701e2d65b90d0
HTC Desire HD ace http://tinyw.in/YmVf 13dd8cea5ba3064772eac4ab9b9ab725
Samsung Galaxy GT-I9000 http://tinyw.in/i4ka dc9d52dabee1a68b8c642516e2e45696
Unknown Device A830 http://tinyw.in/LXj9 c866ad531447ea49a90e0d755879b816
Xiaomi MI2-A taurus http://tinyw.in/BLzR 55b36d3d889c98b919eb3fa56f7d03d6
Samsung Note 2 t03g http://tinyw.in/B1TH cd5e51b93deffa45dd005f73db4ceb4e
Meizu MX2 mx2 http://tinyw.in/kr0M cc2349a605cfe2f5ab3ffffc545db7dd
Galaxy Nexus GSM maguro http://tinyw.in/oG5U 7eaef754f5dcc9ab21466c3d07312fdb
SGS3 – i9300 m0 http://tinyw.in/iBHp 23cf766a99e43e20ef8f7b51e0bf735b
HTC One X endeavoru http://tinyw.in/OReV dee0f94a23fbaa938223bbe38fbfd6c2
Xiaomi MI-2/MI-2S aries http://tinyw.in/TPW1 66920d826d9d33490c00693bc340cf5a
Lenovo S820 S820 http://tinyw.in/l0Z8 aa025b4e92314a950be8873acc8ae58e
Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 http://tinyw.in/cTBT e81eae42c42db568fb82e7861f7fe80b
OPPO Find 5 FIND5 http://tinyw.in/cBHD a92c7f04460b5dcc105a9d0c1b995f7f
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