Fiori nedir ?


Fiori italyancada Çiçek açmak çiçeklenmek manasına geliyor. SAP çiçek açıyor manasında kullanılmış.

Fiori SAP sisteminde mobil ve web uygulamaları geliştirebileceğiniz kullanıcı dostu bir platformdur alt yapısında HTML5 ve SAP UI5 HTML kütüpanelerini kullanmaktadır.

Fiori ile tabletlerde mobil akıllı telefonlarda kısaca HTML5 destekleyen internet tarayıcısının olduğu her platforma süreç çalıştırabilirsiniz.

SAP Fiori ile ilgili daha önceki yazıma 

adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz

SAP Fiori





SAP A.G nin bu ürünü çok yeni ve taze. Bakalım zaman içerisindeki olgunlu nasıl olacak.

Bu ürün üzerinde, 25 adet hazır uygulama bulunmaktadır


Bu uygulamalar ve özellikleri aşağıdaki gibidir ;


Manager Apps

Approve Requests

Provides easy handling of workflow approvals from different business processes with a simple user interface. This app provides a baseline for creating your own approvals.

Approve Leave Requests

Gives managers a quick and easy way to approve leave requests such as vacation, sick, or educational, on the go.

Approve Timesheets

Helps the manager quickly see all pending approvals for their employees’ timesheets and enables them to easily approve timesheets anytime, anywhere with one click.

Approve Travel Requests

Brings the power of the SAP Travel Management application to your desktop as well as mobile device, enabling managers to quickly and easily approve or decline travel requests in real time.

Approve Travel Expenses

Gives managers an overview of all their employees’ travel expense reports. It provides the status of each report with alerts that quickly identify budget and policy non-conformance. It also provides details on each receipt so mangers can confirm expenses or decline them with comments.

Approve Shopping Carts

Notifies managers of pending shopping carts and accelerates approval time by giving managers the ability to approve or deny shopping cart requests.

Approve Purchase Orders

Allows managers approve purchase order requests, including submitting comments or adjustments.

Approve Requisitions

Allows managers to approve purchase requisitions.

Approve Purchase Contracts

Gives managers an easy way to view purchase contracts and either approve or deny.

My Spend

Provides managers access to real-time, accurate budget and spend information on their departments and projects anywhere, anytime.

Employee Apps

My Leave Requests

Enables employees to create leave requests and view their available leave balances. It also enables employees to get an overview of past leave requests (pending or approved).

My Timesheet

Helps employees book their time on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices against assigned cost objects and activities.

My Travel Requests

Brings the power of the SAP Travel Management application to your desktop as well as mobile devices, enabling business travelers to quickly and easily manage travel requests in real time.

My Paystubs

Enables employees to easily check, compare, and manage – at any time through mobile devices or desktop – a digital version of all pay slips issued by the company for each payroll period.

My Benefits

Provides an easy, quick overview of the benefits plans an employee is currently enrolled in. Keeps the employee well-informed about all eligible plans and corresponding details offered by their company.

My Shopping Cart

Offers one-stop management of users’ enterprise shopping needs including creating a shopping cart, picking approvers, tracking status, etc.

Track Shopping Carts

Gives you an overview of your shopping carts, allowing you to track approvals and fulfillment status.

Sales Rep Apps

Check Price and Availability

Enables sales reps to check product availability and net price for their customers based on quantity and requested delivery date. Shows estimated delivery date if requested date and quantity cannot be met.

Create Sales Orders

Allows sales reps to quickly create orders for their customers in a shopping cart-like experience. Supports quickly adding items to the cart as well as reordering items from a previous sales order or customer purchase order.

Track Sales Orders

Enables sales representatives to manage the sales orders of their customers, providing visibility to the status of order items and delivery schedules. Keeps the sales representative well-informed on the status, ensuring they have the most up-to-date information when interacting with their customers.

Change Sales Orders

Gives sales representatives the ability to change sales orders – such as the shipping address of an open order line and the shipping method – to expedite shipment, as well as the ability to ship directly to the location where the item is needed.

Track Shipments

Enables a sales rep to track a shipment for a customer in real time. Shows shipped items as well as items that are scheduled to be picked and shipped (on a delivery document).

Customer Invoices

Helps sales representatives proactively manage the customer relationship, even when on the road, with mobile access. Sales reps can understand their customers’ behavior and state of mind by having insight into unpaid, past due, and disputed invoices or memos and a basis for discussion and problem solving.

Purchasing Agent Apps

Track Purchase Order

Get a quick overview of a purchase order’s fulfillment in terms of overall status, quantities, and values including graphical process flow.

Order from Requisitions

Create purchase orders easily via transfer of released purchase requisitions into purchase orders. All purchase requisitions assigned to the same supplier are combined into one purchase order. Includes sending purchase orders to supplier(s).

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