Asus ZenFone2 ZE551ML_ WW_V2.20.40.59 firmware





【Model Name】

ZenFone2 (ZE551ML)

【Release Date】

【Release Note

#        Optimization for WW
1        Fix WIFI info sync-up issue
2        Improve System UI and lock screen stability
3        Improve Launcher App stability
4        Fix Alarm function issue after set up in Snap View mode
5        Improve Task Manager
6        Optimize Multi user and Do not disturb mode function stability
7        Fix camera sphere panorama issue
8        Improve Auto Start Manager stability
9        Fixed when AC removed, UI still shows in charge mode.
10        Fixed Cisco Anywhere VPN connectin fail issue
11        Fix Wi-Fi hot spot MAC address
12        Fixed issue that noise comes out when use earphone.
13        Fixed UI shows only can making emergency call issue
14        Fixed vibrate function fail.
15        Fixed NFC can not auto connect to BT earphone.
16        Fixed can’t transfer files through NFC(android beam)
17        Fixed can’t use Kingston 32G SD
18        Fixed auto enable MTP issue.
19        Fixed Screen won’t turn on after hang off the phone.
20        Fixed no show PCCW issue.
21        Fixed Wi-Fi hot spot can not be access by Xbox360
22        Fixed 4G internet issue.
23        Fixed ID operator can’t get H+ issue
24        Fixed internet icon disappear issue.
25        Fixed charge issue.
26        Implement Android security patch for Stagefright
27        Fixed tha issue: In vibrate mod, the ringtone is too loud by using headphones.
28        Fixed Puzzle & Dragons crash issue.

#        New Features for WW
1        Add Hands up
As phone is ringing, hold phone in portrait mode and lift to touch the ear to answer the phone.

2        Added Mobile Manager app which has six major functions:
– Data usage: Controls the apps’ data usage
– Notifications: Manages annoying notifications
– Auto-start Manager: Manages auto-start apps running in the background
– Boost: Boosts memory
– Power Saver: Provides various battery modes to extend the battery life
– Virus Scanner: Scans virus and malwares

3        Add Flip cover function
Add new Clock theme
Add VIP icon in Clock view for SMS/email/missed call
Add timer reminder
Add charging reminder
4        Add Cover View function
New clock theme
Allows detail checking of everyday events in Calendar view
Supports Spotify on Music app

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